Demo tutorial on how to use SyncRelease with an NodeJs app


This week, we have created demo tutorial videos on how to use SyncRelease for release package creation, automated testing with the build process, code deployment, and rollback. The tutorial is made with a sample NodeJs app for building a simple REST API. Below is the tutorial videos in Part 1 and Part 2. 

Part 1 - covering basic workflow steps in SyncRelease to create release packages, code deployment, and rollback.

Part 2 - how to set up an automated build process (CI/CD) to unit tests, build a custom Docker image, and continuous deployment

The source of the example NodeJs application used in the tutorial can be found on Github:

We will continue to create more tutorial series on how to do better release management, simplify the CI/CD build process using SyncRelease for your software projects. For those who are interested in trying out SyncRelease, please checkout to join our beta program for completely free access.

Thanks to everyone for reading and checking out our first tutorial video series.