How it works

1 Push Changes

Push commits to Git or SVN repository or merges Pull Requests in the same ways as you always do - supporting both feature branch and trunk-based development workflow.

2 Package New Release

Package the desired recent changes into a new release package, easily through a simple web UI without having to cutoff a release branch manually or maintain it.

3 Deploy

Easily deploy any release you want with a single button click manually or automated deployment on a scheduled release date. Or rollback easily like a time machine!

Batteries included - CI/CD pipeline

If your team follows the continuous integration and continuous delivery process, optionally you can use the built-in CI/CD pipeline that comes with SyncRelease. It is a simple and easy-to-use build pipeline setup:

Continuous Integration - Run build on every new commit or pull request for code quality before including in the next release.
Continuous Delivery - Run build on every new release package to do a sanity check, prepare artifact, and deploy automatically or manually.
Docker Support - Built-in support for running build inside Docker containers
Easy Build Configuration - No steep learning curve with Shell script or complex YAML for build configuration. Simply drag and drop available plugins through an easy UI.

More than a build tool, supporting full release cycle

While other tools on the market are essentially just a build tool with tedious workarounds to deploy or rollback, SyncRelease comes with a full suite of features to support you every step of the way for a full release management cycle.

SyncRelease supports entire Release Management Cycle
See more on Features
Release Calendar - Unlike any other existing CI/CD tools, get a bird's-eye view of all the progress and roadblocks in your release schedules, with our Release Calendar feature.
Release Notes - Never miss dependencies before rolling out a major release, and coordinate better within or across your team(s) through our built-in Release Notes feature.
Rollback like a time machine - Easily rollback to any point in the history of your deployments with a simple button click. Even better is you can do automatic rollback with Release Notes.
Fined-grained Security Control - Easily assign permissions at individual user level for who can access, create releases, or deploy for which projects, such as among developers, QAs, and DevOps.