Feature Comparison

Feature SyncRelease Jenkins CircleCI BitBucket CI
Release Creation
No manual work for release branch creation or maintenance
Easily see changes since last release
Build status of new commits before including in new release
Ability to cherry-pick changes for new release*
Build Process
CI/CD Build Pipeline
No complex YAML or Shell Script configuration
Built-in support for common build patterns
such as build on git push or new pull request
Built-in Unit Test Report
Graphical detailed Build Report
Easy search on build log of each pipeline stage
Built-in Docker container support
No usage time limit on build process
Release Coordination
Built-in Release Notes
Built-in Release Calendar
Bird-eye view of all releases in your organization
Scheduled Deployment
at desired date time
Automatic Rollback
in case of failed release
Dependency Management
to make sure all dependencies met before a major release
Automatic alerts on late and overdue releases
Post-Deployment Verification Workflow
SSH Deployment
Fast FTP Deploy
using RSYNC algorithm
Built-in Cluster Deployment
Easy Rollback
to any point in deployment history
On-Demand Deployment from a Feature Branch
Deployment History of All Environments
i.e production, test, staging
Automatic Minification of CSS/Javascript files
built-in optional feature
Security Controls
Multi-user support with fine-grained permission control
Project-Level Permission Control
define which users can access which projects
Release Creation Permission Control
define who can create new releases
Deployment Permission Control
define who can deploy to which environment
Notifications & Alerts
Build Notifications
Release Notes Notifications
Alerts on overdue dependencies for upcoming release
Personalized Notifications at User Level
Notifications by Email (Built-in)
Notifications by Slack (Built-in)
* Feature for cherry-picking the changes in new release creation is currently supported only on Subversion repositories.