More than a build tool

While other tools on the market are essentially only a build tool with tedious workarounds to deploy or rollback, SyncRelease comes with a full suite of features to support you every step of the way for a full release management cycle.

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Package the changes you want to ship easily

Typically, with other existing tools, you must do this step manually by creating a release branch, merging, and so forth. This manual process can be error-prone and requires a dedicated human resource.

With SyncRelease, you can do all of this through an easy and intuitive web UI without having to do the manual task of creating a release branch or maintaining it.

No more manual work with a release branch

  • No manual work required to create or maintain a release branch.
  • Easily see outstanding changes since the last release.
  • Quality merge - easily see which changes pass or fail with the build process before you include them in an upcoming release.
Example of outstanding changes since last release, with build status on each commit

Better Build Experience unlike any other before

We reimagined how a build pipeline should works. It should be simple, easy, fast, and efficient without getting lost. That's exactly how we designed and created our build pipeline to bring you a totally new different and better experience with the build process.

No complex YAML or Shell script

In SyncRelease, a build pipeline is basically a sequence of tasks configured to meet your specific needs. Each task is performed by available drag-and-drop worker plugins.

No need to learn complex YAML or Shell script configuration
Easy drag-and-drop configuration
Extensible worker plugin architecture for your various custom needs
Out of the Box Support for Common Build Patterns

Common build patterns/workflows, such as running a build on a pull request, are supported out of the box in SyncRelease to save your time and effort, without having to configure or install with a lengthy setup process.

On Commit Build - Build automatically every time when a new commit is pushed to targeted branches, such as master or trunk
Pull Request Build - Build automatically upon new or updated Pull Requests on GitHub
Release Build - Build automatically on your new releases to ensure code quality ready for production
Unit Test Gets First-Class Treatment

All the information about your test results in your build pipeline, such as the detailed graphical output of test cases or code coverage, can be viewed conveniently in SyncRelease's build report. No need to download or re-run locally.

No more searching in Console Log - Now conveniently view unit test results with graphical reports right here on SyncRelease
Built-in Unit Test Report - See immediately which test cases are failing and why with its code context and line numbers
Built-in Code Coverage Report - Easily see which files or classes need more code coverage
Don't Get Lost in Build Log!

Do you ever get lost while reading long lines of build logs when the build fails or you are looking for some specific information?

We are here to help you! SyncRelease's build pipeline provides a detailed report of each task performed in your pipeline.

Easy to understand and detailed report of each task performed
Each task has a separate and specific build log
Easily see which tasks take longer for performance improvements
Run Your Build Inside a Docker Container

With SyncRelease's built-in support for running build pipelines in a Docker container, you have the freedom to have a fully customizable build environment for various programming languages or operating systems, depending on your project's needs.

Flexibly run different programming languages or tech stacks for different projects in your organization.
Support NodeJs, PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, .NET Core, Golang, and many more!
Fully customizable build environment

Deploy with Ease

We created SyncRelease with a sharp focus on making your life easier with the deployment of your code anywhere on the cloud.

Easily Deploy in Many Ways

Out-of-the-box support for various types of deployment, without complex setups or installations.

SSH Deploy - Secure and super-fast deployment using RSYNC algorithm over SSH
Fast FTP Deploy - Super-fast FTP deployment using RSYNC algorithm
SCP Deploy - Secured file transfer over SCP
Advanced Deploy - Advanced custom deployment through a build pipeline to meet virtually any custom deployment needs
Rollback like a time machine - With the complete history of deployments for any environment, rollback to any point in history with a simple button click.
Deploy to Multiple Servers At Once

If you need to deploy to multiple servers, such as when multiple servers are behind a load balancer, you've come to the right place.

SyncRelease's deployment process comes with a simple built-in feature to easily deploy to multiple servers anywhere in the cloud.

Branch Rollout

Are you developing a new feature on a separate branch and want to deploy it from that branch?

No problem! SyncRelease supports release rollout from any branch.

Custom Scripts for Pre/Post Deployment

Sometimes you may like to run some custom commands such as Shell/Batch/PowerShell commands before deployment or database migration after deployment. For those needs, SyncRelease comes with:

Pre/Post Deployment Scripts - Run custom commands before and after deployment, such as a database migration script.
Automatic Minification of CSS & Javascript - Easily turn on/off automatic minification of CSS and JavaScript files for production deployment.

Unlike any other tools, enjoy the power of Release Notes!

Just building and deploying to production is not always enough for a smooth software release. It often involves teamwork and coordination, such as release planning, dependency management for setting up prerequisites, backing up data, and so on.

To support such a crucial step, SyncRelease comes with a built-in and fully integrated Release Notes feature. This will tremendously help release managers and all of your team members easily keep things under control in one place.

Release Notes come to help. No more bad surprises!
Schedule & Assign - Easily schedule and assign release notes to release coordinators, release managers, or DevOps.
One Stop Solution - Seamlessly execute your release workflow in one place with SyncRelease—no manual work or separate JIRA ticket required.
Automatic Scheduled Deployment - Available automatic deployment at your desired scheduled date time
Automatic Rollback - Available automatic rollback if things go wrong
Bird's-Eye View with Release Calendar!
Get a bird's-eye view of all releases across your organization!
Get automatic alerts ahead if things are going behind schedule!
Easily search and filter by project or release status.
Avoid unwanted surprises and reduce risk with better release planning for your team.
Keep everyone in your team on the same page about when releases are going out for which projects
Dependency Management

Available Dependency Management feature of Release Notes allows you to assign tasks to your team members to fulfill prerequisites for an upcoming release. This feature can also be used as a checklist for your regular release workflow.

Clearly see and get notified about progress with required dependencies.
Easily coordinate with other teams if their projects need to go out first as a dependency for your project.
Clearly see and get notified about progress with required dependencies
Automate Your Verification Workflow After Deployment

Release Notes feature comes with support for automating your workflow for verifying your software release after deployment is complete.

Post-Deployment Check assignments to your team members through the Release Notes feature
Automatic notifications to assigned team members when it is ready for verification after deployment
Get the whole team easily notified if one of the verification steps fails.
Automatic Rollback

In the last step of a release management cycle, you may have to rollback if the deployment fails or post-deployment verifications fail.

To make your life easier with such scenarios, the Release Notes feature comes with:

Automatic Rollback - At your discretion, SyncRelease can take of automatic rollback to prior release in deployment history.
Optional Retries - You can also tell SyncRelease to try the desired number of retries to deploy before rolling back.

Security Controls

Easily control who can create releases and who can deploy to which environment. And also, SyncRelease allows you to keep track of who has created releases or who has triggered deployments.

Multi-User Controls - Support for multi-users with fine-grained permission controls
Project Permission - Define easily who can have access to which projects.
Release Creation Permission - Define easily who can create releases.
Deployment Permissions - Define easily who can trigger manual deployment for which environments.

Notifications made easy

To help with keeping your team informed with all the progress with the build, deployment, and release process, SyncRelease comes with email notifications, in-app notifications, and notifications through the popular Slack messaging platform.

Personalized notifications - Each user can easily personalize how they want to receive notifications.
Team Alerts - Easily alert your whole team on important updates and changes.
Build Notifications - Notifications for build successes and failures
Release Notes Notifications - Notifications on all events and changes of your release notes

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