Calling for beta testers for trying out SyncRelease for free


Hello engineers, DevOps, and tech teams!

Currently, in pre-launch mode, SyncRelease is the new CI/CD build and deployment tool, along with better release coordination features such as built-in release notes and release calendar. The goal is to help and empower tech teams/companies, even those without a dedicated DevOps resource, in making their release process easier while being able to deliver their code changes to the market faster with strong confidence.

Right now, we are looking for beta testers to try our SAAS product completely FREE and we just want to get feedback to make it better. To get started with becoming a beta tester is really an easy and simple process. 

1) Go to our site's Get Early Access form page and submit your basic contact information so that we can send you the new SyncRelease account information

2) Soon you will receive an email with detailed information about your new SyncRelease account to start using and testing for your projects, or with your team. 

You will not be charged with any fee or a single cent during the beta-testing period. It will be completely free and with no obligation. All we look for is your feedback and suggestions to make SyncRelease better and fulfill your release management needs.

So why wait? Please join us today for making the next amazing CI/CD and release management tool for our tech communities.