How it works in 3 steps

  • What is our web app?

    Commit Your Changes!

    Commit your changes to SVN repository like the same way as you always do.

  • How does our app work?

    Cherry-Pick Your Changes

    Flexibly choose any changes you want to rollout for next release, without having to force yourself to all-or-nothing approach. Don't worry about dependency when you cherry-pick changes, it comes with automatic dependency checker.

  • Why do you need it?

    Deploy With a Single Click!

    Easily deploy any release you want with a single button click and then see the progress in real-time.

Feature Highlight

Push only the code changes you want to appear on your site

SyncRelease allows you to publish only the changes you want to appear on your PRODUTION or TEST site in a cherry-picking manner, while it will automatically check for code change dependency.

That means you easily release a new feature without having to wait for all other code changes to be ready.

Rollback to any point in history

Just under a single click, you can easily rollback your code changes for your production website or any other environment, if something goes wrong with your latest code release.

This works like a time machine for your website!

Deploy easily to multiple environments

Easily deploy your releases to anywhere with a single button click. SyncRelease comes with multiple options for deployment mechanisms such as FTP, SSH-based rsync or file system deployment.

Branch Rollout

Are you developing a new feature on a separate branch and wanna rollout from that branch? No problem, SyncRelease support release rollout from any branch.

Multi-user support with fine-grained control

Easily control who can create releases and who can deploy to which environment. And also, SyncRelease allows you to keep track of who have created releases and who have triggered deployments.

Real-time update on deployment

When you deploy your software release, SyncRelease will show you the real-time update on the progress of the process. After the deployment is done, you can also review the log.

Custom scripts before & after deployment

Sometimes you may like to run build process before deployment or automated testing after deployment. Or you may want to minify CSS and javascripts before deployment.

For those needs, SyncRelease provides a neat plugin feature that allow you to run custom shell/bat/powershell scripts before and after deployment.