Frequently Asked Questions

What is SyncRelease?

SyncRelease is a web application for complete release management and deployment system. Currently it supports release management for Subversion projects.

However, we plan to support other revision control systems such as Git in the near future.

What are the system requirements?

SyncRelease is built on LAMP stack and thus it can be installed easily like a regular PHP web application such as Wordpress or Joomla. Therefore, typical system requirements are:

* PHP 5.3+
* Apache or Nginx webserver

How to download?

Simply click the "Download" button at the top of this page from the main menu. Please note currently SyncRelease is available in beta version.

Why still in beta?

We want to deliver the best quality to our users eventually and thus we are inviting interested party to join our beta user list so that we can learn more about the user's needs and improve further before going for a public launch.

Is Git supported?

We know there are a lot of great teams and users who are using Git as their revision control system. While currently focusing on Subversion support, we plan to support Git in the near future.

Can I run continuous integration?

The answer is yes and no. SyncRelease supports Continuous Integration as a principle from a philosophical standpoint of view, allowing you to continuously integrate latest code changes for creating new releases.

On the other hand, SyncRelease is not a build server like CruiseControl or TeamCity. However, before and after deployment it supports running any custom scripts/tasks such as automated unit testing or minifying javascripts and CSS files.

Why is SyncRelease Free?

SyncRelease will still be free to all of our beta users for now. Howeverm we may charge an affordable price to the future users of SyncRelease when it goes live for public.

Do you offer hosted solution on demand?

Currently we do not offer. However, we will offer hosted solution as an option in the near future.