Documentation (beta)

Release Management

Releases are snapshots of your project, consisting of SVN revisions or changesets. Therefore, from time to time you will want to create releases for your project.

How to create a release?

In order to create a release

  • First go to the details page for the project you want to create release for.
  • By default, you will see the outstanding/pending SVN changeset(s) from trunk since last release creation, similar to what you see below.
  • Select any pending SVN changesets you want to include as part of new release.

    When doing so, SyncRelease allows you to cherry-pick any changesets you want while it is smart enough to detect any dependency between SVN changesets and thus it will automatically select any dependent changesets.

  • Then, click Create release button to create a new release. Shortly afterwards, you should see a newly created release listed below.

Creating branch release

If you are working on for your project using a branch other than trunk such as for a new feature, you may also want to create releases from that branch.

In SyncRelease, creating release from a branch is very similar to default way of creating release from trunk. The only difference is changing dropdown for branch source in release creation and understanding how releases are created.