Documentation (beta)


SyncRelease supports multiple ways of code deployment from SVN repository to your production or test servers.

As SyncRelease allows you to deploy to multiple destinations such as your production server or testing/staging server. Such each deployment destination is called as Environment. And you can add as many environment as you want for your project.


Currently, you can deploy by following ways:

How it works?

To deploy your project to an environment such as production website or staging server, you will first need to have Deployment Daemon running in the background. Deployment Daemon takes cares of actual process for exporting the code from your SVN release and publishing it to remote or local servers.

  • To start the Deployment Daemon, please login to SyncRelease using an administrator account and then go to Settings from the main menu tabs.


  • Then, click on Deployment Daemon as shown above. Next, you will should a screen similar to below, indicating the status of Deployment Dameon.


  • If it is stopped, click on Start link button to start Deployment Daemon so that it is now ready to process any deployment process you may trigger.


By default, Deployment Daemon runs on port 9090 of the local machine where SyncRelease is installed. If port 9090 is already in use by other process or you want to use different port, you can change it via configuration file. Please see more on Configuring Deployment Daemon