Documentation (beta)

Deployment by File SystemΒΆ

Deployment by File System is suitable when you are trying to deploy locally to the same server where SyncRelease is also running. Or when you are deploying to a distributed file system or network drive that SyncRelease also has an access through operating system.

  • To add new environment for deployment by file system, first login to SyncRelease and go to the Site you want to deploy for.


  • Then click on Add Environment link on the right side of the Site detail page.


  • Then, you will be presented with a form to enter information for new environment. There, enter the information similarly to the following.


  • Next, click on Create button add this new environment for your Site. After that, you should be seeing your newly added environment listed on the right side of your Site detail page.


For more information about how use Exclude files list, please see Exclude List patterns for deployment