Documentation (beta)

Configuring Deployment Daemon

In SyncRelease, deployment process is handled in asynchronous manner. The reason is because of the nature of the deployment process which can take typically a longer time, compared to a normal web page request.

Therefore, when you initiates a deployment for a particular environment of your Site(project), in background SyncRelease will deploy your code using a deployment daemon process, which is simply called Deployment Daemon.

Deployment Daemon runs on TCP/IP socket locally on the server where your SyncRelease application is hosted and running. It listens for any incoming request for deployment initiated by SyncRelease web application, once received it processes the requests in first come first served manner or FIFO in more technical term.

Configuring Port

As it runs on TCP/IP socket, it needs configuration on which port it will need to run. By default, Deployment Daemon runs on port 9090. You can change it to any available port you want.

To change the port number, open the applications/configs/application.ini file from the directory where SyncRelease is installed. Search for the following line, make the change as necessary.

resources.constants.DEPLOYMENT_DAEMON_PORT = 9090

Then, save the changes and restart your Deployment Daemon.


It’s highly recommended to block any incoming traffic from outside your network to the port on which Deployment Daemon is running. This is especially the case when you are running SyncRelease on public Internet. Port blocking is usually done through a firewall program depending on type of your operating system.

Configuring Encryption Key

When SyncRelease communicates with Deployment Daemon, the messages are communicated in encrypted manner, to prevent from malicious use by virus programs or other malware.

As always the case with any encryption, SyncRelease requires configuration for encryption key that will be used in encrypting messages. By default, SyncRelease is already configured with some random text strings.

And if you would like to change the default encryption key, you are free to do so. Open the applications/configs/application.ini file, search for the following line and make changes as necessary.

resources.constants.DEPLOYMENT_DAEMON_KEY = hsDJFIU&*(KJdjcuekCUUdlf

Then, save the changes and restart your Deployment Daemon.